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Tips Info Blog Cinta: The Queen of My Heart "S"

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Queen of My Heart "S"

In the silent night, I pray to the God

I say your name, and I hope the best for you

And I dream in one day we stand in our heaven

The sound of the angels is so near

I take your hand and it feels like rainbow

Let’s take this night

To carry us through the happily times

I'll always look back

Because the memories for eternity

And all of my tears will be lost

When I finding way back to you again

No matter how far, away you are

I'll just close my eyes, and you’re in my dreams

But until that day

I will be patient until we will meet again

I’ll never find another girl

Because in my depth of my heart is only for you
The Queen of My Heart

The Queen of My Heart "S"

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